Dmitri and Fawn's Wedding Song
  by Richard Ely

Fawn is in love and this time it's real
look at her smile and see how she feels
I know her pretty well and I can guess
what's in store for her is happiness

Fawn is in love  Dmitri is her guy
she fills him up like sunlight fills the sky
I know he believes she's a gift divine
he loves the sound she makes in his mind

Dmitri's in love  it caught him by surprise
his mind resisted but his heart opened wide
it's said that God can work mysterious ways
the beauty of God's love has them amazed

we wish them a long life
we wish them a long life

now Fawn is petite  Dmitri rather large
a cute little tugboat and her big ol' barge
he holds a place for her in the stormy sea
she helps him steer his boat more perfectly

Dmitri and Fawn  whoever would have thunk
some kind of love potion they must have drunk
it has some side effects to watch out for
they might just stay in love forevermore


This beautiful world, this beautiful day
Dmitri and Fawn on their wedding day
there comes a time, it's said, for everything
now the time is right for us to sing