Wherever You Go
  by Richard Ely

You may want to go just for the going
You may want to drive as far and fast as you can ride
You may want to drift in a boat forever
You may want to close your beautiful eyes and look inside

You may want to climb Kilimanjaro
You may want to sail around the boot of Italy
You may want to dive into the fire
You may want to wrap yourself in a veil of mystery

Wherever you go, there you are
Wherever you are, only you can say
Whatever you find rolling through your mind
Know that you are well on your way

You may walk to church on Christmas morning
You may run outside to catch a snowflake on your tongue
You may dance all night and sleep all morning
You may lie down easy remembering the days when you were young

You may find yourself in the arms of a lover
You may find yourself awake and waiting for the dawn
You may find yourself drowning in white powder
Find yourself in Nowheresville, your money and your dignity all gone